Since the killing of Travon Martin, there were multiple instances where people were killed that may or may not have been breaking the law. There have been too many to count! I am sure a lot of brown and black children may feel their lives do not matter and in this world of uncertainty may need a dose of confidence. This website is to reflect positive contributions African Americans have made in our country; provide an editorial of politics from an African American perspective and allow my fellow citizens (regardless of color) to dialog on the website in a civil manner.

Once a month, I will update my website about positive contributions African Americans had made throughout the history of the U.S. One of my sisters (she works in education) and I had a conversation about Black History month and I told her I agreed with Morgan Freeman that black history month should be eliminated and the history of blacks should be included in American History period! My sister the diplomat response was yes, that would be nice, but in the meantime she wanted Black History month to remain until the U.S. can figure out how to do this to her satisfaction! Also, on a daily basis I will blog about politics and fascinating American tidbits!

This has been a crazy political cycle, and on a daily basis I hear or watch a report and my first response to it is “Are you freakin kidding me?”.  Click on my Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me icon for my opinion on which story (political or non-political) that made the cut!